DeineLuft - Pure Air For You
DeineLuft - Pure Air For You
DeineLuft - Pure Air For You

Health and air are future topics of the 21st century.

The cost of health systems is exploding worldwide.

Disease prevention and job losses are a social and business imperative.

Direct and indirect costs of sickness-related labor costs have reached gigantic proportions and are a threatening factor for companies and economies.

According to the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, in Germany alone in 2017 there were more than 667 million days of incapacity for work, which caused direct costs of € 136 billion.

Alone the costs for Asthma treatment in Europe amounts to 80 € billion a year.


Working environments are redesigned Biophilia finds its way into new office and living design

A company that wants to cut costs must invest:

  • in employees health
  • in sick leave reduction
  • in employees performance
  • in employees motivation


Health starts with clean air!

The way a company deals with these issues will be decisive for its perception in society.

Every company has to ask what image the public should have of it!

Occupational health management and health prevention are key factors for future business success     

Healthy employees cost money - ill employees cost a fortune.

Our goal is to prevent diseases, so that people do not require medical treatment.

Anyone who considers health prevention, thinks and counts in the long term.

"PureAir4u Systems"

One of the great challenges of our time is creating with innovative, effective and sustainable products "clean breathing air" indoors, as a prerequisite for a healthy working and living environment.

According to the German Fraunhofer Institute, indoor air pollution is up to 5 times higher than outdoors.

Clean air and a positive working environment are basic needs!

“PureAir4u” systems promote health with hard, TÜV tested facts, such as degradation of toxins and destruction of germs, viruses and bacteria in indoor air.

They produce proven oxygen, destroy CO² and cause a lot more.

They prevent overloads up to "burn out" through,

  • noise reduction and elimination of odors
  • stress reduction through "green"
  • setting up atmospheres with their own specific microclimate
  • contact with nature
  • increasing attractiveness of work environments
  • imparting a sense of privacy in workplaces

Burn Out symptoms are the ultimate consequence of a long chain of often creeping, worsening symptoms.

Consequences for employees and employers are usually subtle at first, but eventually manifest.

Misery starts often with a bad working environment, employee inefficiency and loss of work quality. At some point, the lower resilience of employees leads to days of absence, which cost an employer dearly in two senses.

If missing days sum up to occupational disability the worst case is achieved.

Results are:

  • better health and well-being,
  • higher concentration,
  • more vitality and better performance,
  • as well as fewer sick days and doctor visits

This was proven in a BMW study.

Competing for the best employees is a proactive, positive on health and well-being oriented shaping of workplace design. This is becoming increasingly important

In “functionaly greened” offices, each employee is covered annually 3,5 - 5,5 less sick days!

Worldwide, scientific studies have shown:

In green spaces people work motivated and with better results.

Professional “functional greening” actively contributes to the health of employees.

Efficient “functional greening” with "PureAir4Yout Systems" in companies does not mean "jungling" in workplace and disruption of work processes.

It does not mean time-consuming, elaborate care service.

Plant components in "PureAir4You Systems" do not have to be watered manually, there will never be any repotting in working premises.

Advantages for companies

  • ensuring efficiency of all employees
  • increasing motivation by strengthening company's identification
  • reduced costs through fewer sickness and production losses
  • increasing productivity and quality
  • image appreciation of company
  • strengthening competitiveness

Benefits for the employee

  • improving health and reducing health risks
  • reduction of doctor visits
  • improving health conditions in the company
  • stress reduction
  • improving life quality
  • maintain / increase one's own performance
  • increasing job satisfaction and improving work environment
  • personalizing workplaces and work processes