DeineLuft - Pure Air For You
DeineLuft - Pure Air For You
DeineLuft - Pure Air For You


We are sitting in an open-plan office and it is very loud, sometimes we interfere with each other on the phone. Can your system be helpful?

Yes, because the high leaf mass of our plants absorbs sound and also creates more privacy by a partition wall effect at your desk.

We do not have much space in our office everything is very tight. How can we accommodate your system?

Because our systems are available in different designs (wall, tree) and in different sizes, they are extremely flexible in terms of space requirements.

Why is indoor air so bad?

Numerous suspended substances, so-called VOCs, are located in our interiors. They result from outgassing of floor coverings, paints and varnishes (wall paint, wood seals), adhesives and coatings of all kinds (for example, in case of home textiles by fire protection regulations). Office furniture, printers and copiers as well as computers are also directly involved in polluting our indoor breathing air.

What can the PureAir4u system in my workplace really improve?

Breathing air in your immediate environment will be freed from toxins, the system binds dust and your indoor air is enriched with humidity and oxygen. In addition, plant green has a positive influence on us humans and additionally noise levels are dampened.

How does UVC light work in our office? Isn´t it harmful?

UVC light has a wavelength of 254nm and is installed in our systems inside, where no visual contact is possible. The air is conducted past the UVC tube within the systems cycle and within a fraction of a second germs, viruses and bacteria are destroyed.

I do not really like plants and I do not want to water?

Plants are only one component of our system and supplying itself almost completely independently. The actual know-how is inside the systems and does not require any personal care from you, only with the "green" you have to get along.

Does the water in the storage tanks start to smell and become foul?

No, the water supply is only dimensioned for a certain unproblematic period of time and is constantly being circulated.

Can your system really reduce our illness-related absences?

But yes, by liberating respiratory air at workplaces from germs, viruses and bacteria due to adding an UVC light to the system. The influenza viruses, or other pathogens are eventually passed from one employee to the other and so affect every single person in this environment. Killing viruses, germs and pathogens reduces the risk of infection many times over.

My mucous membranes have been very dry and irritated for a long time and whenever I go to the office, I get the impression that things are getting worse. Can you help here too?

The system can help here too. Each of our plant units stands in a water tank, which not only supplies the plant with necessary water, but also gives off water to the air that is too dry. Well-humidified room air not only relaxes mucous membranes, it also provides a better skin feel and binds dust that disappears from our direct breathing zone and falls down to the ground.

What about sustainability in manufacturing your systems? Have you also thought about that?

We have been very concerned with the sustainable manufacturing of our products. We can show a complete sustainability cycle from production to disposal.

My son and his friends sit at the computer for hours, then they have fiery eyes, what can I do?

You name the problem of the so-called "gamer eye" or if it is showing in offices we speak of “office eye syndrome”. Constant looking at the screen, little blinking and dry room air dry out people’s eyes. Put our system units in your immediate breathing environment, increased humidity and increased oxygen in the room air combat the symptoms you describe.

Where can I rent and order PureAir4u systems?