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TOXINS IN DOMESTIC PREMISES (VOC poisons) - thick indoor air!

The industry is inventive.

There are over 100,000 chemical substances and more than one million chemical compounds, but only about 400 set limits.

Interior smog

a gaseous compound, not visible, toxic, insidious and harmful in the long term.

Fact is every human being reacts differently to pollutant exposure.

Furthermore, the assessment of indoor pollutants and their adverse health effects are always based on one single substance.

How does our organism react when it is permanently exposed to a mixture of pollutants?

Toxins in domestic premises – VOC´s

Volatile Organic Compounds,VOC

is the collective name for organic, i.e. carbonaceous substances which, in a measure relevant to air pollution control, can be converted into the gaseous state (outgassing) by evaporation, i.e. are volatile.

The toxic cocktails in our breathing air (produced by outgassing) enter the body through respiratory organs, lungs and skin as well as through mucous membranes and accumulate in the entire organism.

They disturb, irritate, burden the organism and cause diseases.

The "Active Plant Pot System" as  functional component of the "PureAir4u Systems" degrades 375% more pollutants - VOCs in indoor air than a combination of standard, commercially available components, consisting of plant, soil, planter.

Result of a comparative study of the environmental institute TÜV Nord Hamburg, Germany


Are located in:

  • construction material
  • plastics
  • adhesives
  • paints
  • coatings
  • electrical equipment
  • carpets
  • wallpaper
  • textiles
  • furnishings
  • cleaning supplies
  • wood preservatives
  • insecticides 

and get out of the environment into interiors

What to do?

Completely dispose of interior fittings - does not help - chemistry is included almost everywhere and there are limits for costs as well as for capacities!

 Demolish and rebuild complete building stock - unthinkable!


Reduce and degrade toxic substances within the scope of representable measures!

What else is left?

Pathogens, Germs, Viruses

Pathogens, germs, viruses and bacteria are constantly in the air.

Especially in times when many already infected as in a flu epidemic, enrich the respiratory air in their immediate environment with pathogens.

At work, in public places, in hospitals and in medical practices, with the result that diseases are constantly passed on.

Pathogens build up dangerous resistance to antibiotics and chemical-based cleaners.

Preventive medicine such as e.g. Influenza vaccination are no guarantee to stay safe from illness and its unpleasant, sometimes even dangerous consequences.

There is an urgent need for action because of

  • facts about costs for business and economy
  • cost explosion at health insurance companies
  • negative influence on quality of life

For "PureAir4u" Systems, a patented combination (APPS / UVC) was developed. A special active plant together with an UVC light form a highly effective system.

This combination effectively kills germs, viruses and bacteria in indoor air.

It thus significantly reduces the risk of contracting airborne diseases.

Result of investigations of the environmental institute of TÜV Nord Hamburg, Germany