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DeineLuft - Pure Air For You
DeineLuft - Pure Air For You
DeineLuft - Pure Air For You


Biology and Technology

The "PureAir4u Systems" 1.0 to 4.0 are coordinated green and clean tech products.

They each provide improved and efficiency enhancing features for significant indoor air quality improvement.

In addition, they record and evaluate necessary indoor climate data for integral building management.

By combining different organic and mechanical-electrical components, biochemical and physical processes are initiated.

It creates an efficiency in the improvement and purification of indoor breathing air, which does not exist in a system so far.

The systems are simple and optimized to handle, as well as low maintenance.


"PureAir4u Systems" have a flexible, modular design, which makes it easy to install the highly effective system also in terms of design.

Organic and inorganic components of „PureAir4u” air purification systems and its effects were examined in multi-year long-term testings. Results were carefully considered to optimize and coordinate all components of the system.

„PureAir4u System“ 1.0

“Active Plant Pot System™”

The "Active Plant Pot System" is one active component of "PureAir4u Systems".

It removes 375% more pollutants from the air than a combination of normal, commercial components, consisting of plant, soil, planter. The system additionally ensures indoor air humidity.

Result of a comparative study of the environmental institute of TÜV Nord Hamburg, Germany

The "Active Plant Pot System" is an optimally coordinated action - reaction system based on a natural patent.

It is about the basic ability of certain plant species to absorb pollutants from the air and degrade them.

This natural ability has been maximally optimized in a patented process by the "Active Plant Pot System".

The „Active Plant Pot System“ consists of:

Active Plant ™

Cultivation of special plants that absorb large amounts of environmental toxins and do not need to be manually watered, as they regulate their own water needs through their roots and take care of themselves.

They practically water themselves!

Active Plant Pot™

A specially developed three-piece pot system that enhances depletion of toxins and water transpiration and ensures optimal water supply to the plant. The special design of the Active Plant Pot eliminates any earth work indoors.

Active Soil™

A specially developed soil mixture, which optimally supplies the “Active Plant” and guarantees a high-performance environment for pollutant degradation through essential microorganisms.

Thanks to the flexible system rack, any number of "Active Plant Pot System" units of "PureAir4You Systems" can be brought together and placed according to room size, workplace situation and number of workplaces.

This massively increases efficiency.

Through its water tank, electronic control unit, pump, micro-hose system as well as its water level regulation sensors and floats, each "Active Plant Pot System" within the "PureAir4You System" is individually targeted and optimally supplied with water.

For any "Active Plant Pot System" within "PureAir4You Systems" is only once in about 4 weeks a refill of the water tank necessary.

All "Active Plant Pot Systems" are optimally supplied with water.

PureAir4u Systems

The Fraunhofer Institute for indoor chemistry in Germany generally complains about conventional air purification systems because they cannot ensure essential factors for peoples direct breathing environments in closed rooms i.e.

  • production of oxygen
  • reduction of CO²
  • reduction of nitrogen oxides
  • stress reduction through plant green

Exactly this is what "PureAir4u Systems" ensure, tested and proven!

„PureAir4u System“ 2.0

Nature meets technology!

With "PureAir4u System 2.0" a patented highly effective product was developed, consisting of a special active plant together with an UVC light that kills germs, viruses and bacteria in indoor air and thus significantly reduces the risk of contracting airborne diseases.

Result of investigations of the environmental institute of TÜV Nord Hamburg, Germany

The patented and TÜV-tested system of pollutant-degrading functional plants, various active components combined with an UVC light tube working on a wavelength of 254 nm kills germs, viruses and bacteria in indoor breathing air.

UVC light is the only non-chemical procedure for efficiently killing germs, viruses and bacteria.

Without storage.

Influenza viruses e. g. are killed after an irradiation time of 0.11 seconds. The bacterium Escherichia Coli, which is responsible for gastrointestinal diseases, is killed within 0.1 seconds.

Deactivation takes place in a much shorter time, since the DNA strand e. g. of a bacterium is damaged in the hundredth of a second range, the cell is no longer able to divide and certainly cannot mutate and build resistance.

Air purification takes place at "PureAir4You Systems" not primarily by "filtration", filtering and storing of pollutants, but by degradation of pollutants through the "Active Plant Pot System". Pollutants will be converted to nutrients by the system for the active plant.

Pathogens are deactivated or killed by the UVC light. Pure filtration just means storage.

„PureAir4u System“ 3.0

Clean-Tech solution for buildings and regions with above-average pollutant levels in breathing air!

Required in:

New buildings, renovations, refurnishments, or heavily polluted outdoor air often lead to significantly increased pollutant levels in indoor air.

Additional effects through "PureAir4You System" 3.0

  • Negative ionization of oxygen in indoor air for improved and accelerated oxygen utilization of our organism
  • Additional VOC and particulate matter reduction through filtration systems
  • Increased elimination of odors
  • Increased pollen reduction

„PureAir4u System“ 4.0

Sensor-based data collection of indoor climate values for integral building management!

Using a sensor platform, concentrations of VOC, O², CO², germs, viruses and bacteria, humidity, ozone, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, formaldehyde and pollen are measured and reported. Data are collected spatially related within the scope of an integral building management, automatically transferred and evaluated in a corresponding software.

Evaluations of collected data can provide information on disease trends and disease status and derive causality related to indoor air quality and materials and equipment used (construction - furnishing - textiles - printer - computer). Optionally, a substitution of materials and devices can be made by this knowledge gain. Collection and analysis of decision-relevant data can be used for future planning of living spaces, workspaces and public areas.