DeineLuft - Pure Air For You
DeineLuft - Pure Air For You
DeineLuft - Pure Air For You


Benefits of renting PureAir4u systems
  • Contract periods are flexible and contracts can be terminated at short notice.
  • Monthly rent includes all costs for assembly and disassembly, care and maintenance.
  • The tenant does not have to worry about anything.
  • PureAir4u systems come in many varieties and sizes and flexibly adapt to existing work processes and room situations.
  • Maintenance is optimized and does not disturb the workflow.
  • Time and cost optimization through accompanying services such as care and maintenance.
  • Predictability and transparency of costs through individual rate design.
  • Protection of liquidity and existing credit lines at the house bank.
  • Avoidance of capital tie-up and thus economic concentration on the core business.
  • Balance sheet neutrality of investment, as the property is owned by the lessor.
  • Flexibility even during the contract period by adapting individual contract parameters to customer requirements.