DeineLuft - Pure Air For You
DeineLuft - Pure Air For You
DeineLuft - Pure Air For You

How do I benefit?


Working and living design in upheaval

Modern technology and Biophilia ensure a healthy and positive working and living environment.

A patented, TÜV-tested, flexible plant-based air-cleaning system has been developed.

Due to the interaction of its components the "PureAir4u System" counteracts interior smog, pathogens and poor indoor air quality.

By combining functional components with organic and mechanical-electrical components, biochemical and physical processes are initiated.

It creates an efficiency and a wide range of effects in improvement and purification of indoor breathing air, which does not exist in a system so far.

There is a set-up of atmospheres with a specific microclimate indoors.


The yearning for a life in contact with nature.

Nature has to return to our lives, both at home and at work.

The latest architectural design approaches already consider this need in their planning of current working environments under the keyword "Biophilia".

What do "PureAir4u Systems" 1.0 , 2.0 and 3.0 do for breathing air in enclosed spaces?
  • Degradation of pollutants and toxins (VOC toxins), such as formaldehyde, benzene, softener etc.
  • killing germs, viruses and bacteria
  • indoor oxygen production
  • CO2 reduction indoors
  • degradation of nitric oxide
  • noise reduction
  • stress reduction through "green“
  • contact with nature
  • increasing the attractiveness of the work environment
  • bringing a sense of privacy to the workplace
  • setting up atmospheres with their own specific microclimate
  • elimination of offensive odors
  • pollen reduction
  • particulate matter reduction
  • increase in humidity


  • better health
  • better mood
  • higher concentration
  • higher reactivity
  • more vitality
  • higher efficiency
  • higher quality of life
  • less allergies
  • less headache
  • less despondency
  • less burn-out symptoms

The "Active Plant Pot System" as an active component in the "PureAir4u System" removes 375% more pollutants from indoor air than a combination of normal, commercial components, consisting of plant, soil, and planters.

Result of a comparative study of the environmental institute of TÜV Nord Hamburg, Germany

For the "PureAir4u" system, the patented component "APPS / UVC" made of a special active plant combined with an UVC light was developed into a highly effective product.

The additional component effectively kills germs, viruses and bacteria in indoor air and thus significantly reduces the risk of contracting airborne diseases.

Result of investigations of the environmental institute of TÜV Nord Hamburg, Germany

Green Tech Solutions by “DeineLuft Systeme”

Nature enhanced by Clean Technology

PureAir4u Systems

The Fraunhofer Institute for indoor chemistry in Germany generally complains about conventional air purification systems because they cannot ensure essential factors for direct breathing environments in closed rooms i.e.

  • production of oxygen
  • reduction of CO²
  • reduction of nitrogen oxides
  • stress reduction through plant green

Exactly this is what "PureAir4u Systems" ensure, tested and proven!