DeineLuft - Pure Air For You


One of the great challenges of the future is building up a sustainable and resource-efficient economy.

This results in a new ethical claim, which we feel obliged to with "pureair4u".

Conservation of resources, maximum useful life of products, recycling, composting, sustainable forest timber.

Specific characteristics of "PureAir4u Systems"

  • The use of the patented and TÜV-tested “PueAir4u System”, which kills germs, viruses and bacteria in the air, can effectively reduce use of highly aggressive chemicals in cleaning products.
  • Effectiveness of these cleaners is increasingly weakening against the backdrop of ever-evolving resistance to germs, viruses and bacteria.
Biomimicry and Biocybernetics
  • The basic functional scheme of pollution reduction developed by nature in millions of years has been recreated, further developed and adapted for highly effective indoor smog reduction.
  • The "Active Plant Pot" as a system component is additionally produced from a plastic granulate based on renewable raw materials which are compostable.
  • Effective degradation of pollutants and pathogens in indoor air will alleviate and prevent diseases, promote preventative health care, reduce sick leave, save on pharmaceuticals and reduce burden on healthcare facilities including resulting consequences.
  • In “PureAir4u Systems”, pollutants from indoor breathing air are absorbed by Stomatas of the Active Plant, metabolized and released via roots to the active soil which is surrounding plant roots. Here pollutants are split by microorganisms and now serve as food for the functional plant.
  • The functional plant needs no further "external food" and certainly no artificial fertilizer.
  • 90% of the "PureAir4u" rental model's hardware has a lifespan of over 20 years, while the remaining 10% are recycled in a closed system and serve as basis for organic components such as Active Plant and Active Soil of the next generation.
  • Transport of "PureAir4You Systems" to customers takes place in reusable boxes, consisting of timber from sustainable forestry, other packaging material is largely avoided.